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Short Story Collections from Eastchester, New York

All of my books are available in paperback or eBook format at the publisher's website. Michael Reisman Author in Eastchester, New York, offers exciting short story collections and fantasy novels.

I like to provide ideas that people can relate to and dream about. My book "Where Angels Tread" is about people's experiences with angels that changed those people's earthly lives.

My books also give the reader a different slant on love. "On Love's Path" is about strangers meeting under unusual circumstances that make them fall in love. "Per Chance to Dream" is about dreams that children and adults have which come true in a matter of time. "So We Meet Again" has stories of different people reuniting, such as long-lost sisters or an ex-boyfriend and ex-girlfriend.

Other Books
Incredible Short Stories
This was my first book and has a wide variety of short stories including alien, fantasy, romance, and jaw-dropping stories with unexpected endings.

A Matter of Healing
The characters in this book have physical ailments and emotional scars that are healed in non-medical ways.

Beyond Reality
In this book, events that normally would not end positively have an unusual payoff for my main character.

Looking Back
For the characters of this book, past memories of fond events play themselves out again in the present.

This book of short stories is just what it sounds like, with surprise endings that will leave you slack-jawed.

Tears of Joy, Finding the Laughter
Short stories about love and romance with tears of joy.


Short stories that will leave you amazed.  

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